Dr. Keith   R.   Johnson

Dr. Keith R. Johnson

1300 Murchison, Ste 310 El Paso, Texas, 79902 Phone: 915-217-1107 Fax: 915-838-3889



  • Preoperative Pain Management
  • Knee Surgery
  • Hip Surgery
  • Joint Replacement
  • ACL Reconstruction
  • Physical Therapy




Dr. Keith R. Johnson is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon whose practice includes both adult and pediatric orthopedic surgery. He specializes in total joint replacements and sports medicine. He has a special interest as well as extensive training and experience in advanced, cutting edge medical technologies such as hip arthroscopy, an evolving area of orthopedics designed to treat hip problems before they become arthritis.  In addition, Dr. Johnson is highly skilled in MAKOplasty®, a robot-assisted technique for performing minimally invasive hip and/or partial knee replacements for the treatment of arthritis.  He is trained in performing the direct anterior approach to hip replacements. This revolutionary technique allows for less pain, less time in the hospital, and faster time to walking normally.


Knee Surgon El Paso, TX.

Knee Surgery El Paso, TX

Robotic Knee Surgeon El Paso, TX

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Hip Surgery El Paso, TX

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