• Directory Pricing

    No contract

    Cancel anytime with 30 days notice

  • Website Pricing

    for a 7 page
    custom Website

    • Hosting-$99/month
    • Complimentary 1 page website with purchase of directory listings
  • Bundled/Package Pricing

    • Directories + Website

      10% discount

    • Directories + Video

      10% discount

    • Directories + Website + Video

      15% discount

  • Custom Video Packages

    For one Doctor

    Each Additional Doctor $1,500

    • Plus $1,500 travel/lodging fee for video team. Flights, hotel and car rental.
    • Custom video packages include: Personal interview with each surgeon in the Practice - Custom video shoot of a live surgery with each surgeon - Up to 3 Patient Testimonial Video Interviews for each surgeon. Editing, sound, publishing, Youtube, Google, MSN, Yahoo and Bing Video Submission, Custom Video SEO and Custom titles all included. Youtube Media player added to your current website also included.
    • Ala Carte pricing for each additional surgeon interview is $1250 and includes 3 patient testimonials per surgeon.
    • Online video production will account for more than one-third of all online advertising spending within the next five years.

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